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Ultrasound is an essential component of pregnancy care in the modern era and is available for all Mayo Clinic patients throughout the Midwest. At Mayo Clinic Rochester, the Maternal-Fetal Medicine team oversees a highly skilled radiology unit that specializes in obstetric ultrasound. The ultrasound unit has achieved national accreditation from The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine demonstrating excellence in imaging. Advanced level ultrasounds are available for high risk obstetric patients. Through a partnership with Mayo Clinic pediatric cardiology, we now have fetal echocardiogram available in the Rochester ultrasound unit on a regular basis for patients that need this specialized evaluation.

Obstetric ultrasound is also available in the Mayo Clinic Health System through our obstetricians or radiology teams. In select locations, Maternal-Fetal Medicine provides radiology support along with telemedicine consults when needed for newly diagnosed high risk cases. Learn more about obstetric care in the Mayo Clinic Health System.

When you have your mid-pregnancy fetal anatomy ultrasound at Mayo Clinic Rochester, your ultrasound images are available through your patient portal so you can keep the first images of your baby forever!

In Rochester, the ultrasound unit and Maternal-Fetal Medicine also operate an Antenatal Testing Unit (ATU). This nurse-led sub-unit was formed to better serve our high risk obstetric patients that require regular antenatal surveillance to ensure the health and safety of their pregnancies. Patients are able to utilize the convenience of the ATU to easily complete their necessary fetal testing as well other routine appointments such as blood pressure checks, needed injections and fetal heart beat evaluation. Our team of highly specialized nurses are supported by our Maternal-Fetal Medicine physicians to ensure our patients receive the highest quality of care.

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