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Pregnancy FAQs

The journey through pregnancy and parenting is an exhilarating ride and there are often many questions along the way. Your Mayo Clinic obstetrical team is here to help you through the difficult times and share in your joy and excitement. To answer some of the most common questions asked by our patients, please review the FAQs below:


Where can I receive care in Minnesota and Wisconsin? 


When should I schedule my first pregnancy visit? 

  • You are welcome to call our office or schedule your appointment online as soon as you find out that you are pregnant! Your first visit will be by phone or video often around 6 weeks of pregnancy with one of our obstetric nurses to learn more about your pregnancy and help you get set up with the right care provider. Your next visit will be in person with one of our obstetric clinicians usually between 8-12 weeks of pregnancy. This visit frequently includes an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy and your due date. Our visit schedule is flexible so if you'd like to come in sooner or later for your first visit, just let us know! Schedule an appointment today.


Who can be my pregnancy care provider? 

  • We have several different types of providers that offer pregnancy care to patients at different locations throughout the Midwest. You can be cared for by Maternal-Fetal Medicine physicians, Obstetricians, Midwives, Family Medicine physicians or Residents depending on your risk factors. You can also request a provider specialty if you have a preference for a particular type of care. We will do our best to accommodate your desire to birth with a certain provider team. Learn more about care teams.


What options are available to support my labor and birth experience at a Mayo Clinic hospital? 

  • Birth amenities different based on the Mayo Clinic Birth Center and may include birth tubs, showers, aromatherapy, doula support, birth stools, TENS, music, birth balls, nitrous oxide, IV pain medication, and epidurals. Explore our Locations page for more details.


Can I have a midwife deliver my baby if I'm planning to get an epidural? 

  • Yes! Midwives provide pregnancy and birth care for patients no matter what their plans are for pain medication. Certified Nurse-Midwives are available to provide evidence based, patient-centered care to any patient that would like to be supported by the midwifery team. Learn more about our Midwifery Team.


Where can I see my test results? 

  • At Mayo Clinic, you can have access to your patient record through the Patient Online Services Portal allowing you to view your rest results and send messages to your care team. Register for a patient portal account. 


What happens if become high-risk and need a cesarean birth? 

  • Obstetricians are always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of an obstetric emergency or high risk patient need. Our physicians are highly skilled in providing complex care management, operative vaginal deliveries and cesarean surgeries to serve our patients when necessary. Learn more about our Obstetric Team.


Can I see my pregnancy provider for my gynecological visits? 

  • Yes! At many Mayo Clinic sites, our obstetric providers also offer ongoing gynecologic care after pregnancy as well as specialty gynecology services and surgery when needed. At Mayo Clinic Rochester, our obstetric team focuses on preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum care while our partner division in gynecology provides ongoing women's healthcare. Learn more about gynecology options in Rochester and the Mayo Clinic Health System.


Who will take care of my baby after it's born? 

  • Newborns at Mayo Clinic are cared for by Family Medicine physicians or Pediatricians depending on the location. While you are in the hospital, these providers will visit you and the baby to answer any questions you may have and ensure the baby is healthy. After you go home from the hospital, you will have the option to follow up with that care team for the baby's ongoing primary care visits. Learn more about Family Medicine newborn care in Rochester and the Mayo Clinic Health System. Learn more about Pediatric newborn care in Rochester and the Mayo Clinic Health System.


Does Mayo Clinic have childbirth classes? 

  • Yes! We have a variety of pregnancy and postpartum related classes available through our Perinatal Education Center. These courses are being offered as live virtual interactive sessions, select in-person classes with covid-19 precautions and through asynchronous eClasses. Register for a class today! 


Does Mayo Clinic have a postpartum new parents support group? 

  • Yes! We offer a weekly online Postpartum Connection class to help new parents through the first six months after having a baby. The support group is free and available to anyone that would like to participate. Register to attend our next session!


Has anyone on the Mayo Clinic team written a book that I can read to learn more about pregnancy?  


How do I contact my care team when I have a question? 

  • For emergencies or labor and birth care, please contact the after hours obstetric triage number for your Mayo Clinic Hospital site. For Rochester, this number is 507-266-7501.
  • For a non-emergent concern unrelated to labor or birth, please call your obstetric clinic. For Rochester, the OB clinic number is 507-284-5135.
  • You can also reach your care provider for a non-emergent reason through a patient portal message. These messages are usually handled in 1-2 business days. Log into your patient portal. 


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