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Care Team

At Mayo Clinic, you have a choice of several different types of obstetric care providers. We all work together as an integrated team to provide you with the best, most appropriate care when you need it. Learn more about your options for care during your pregnancy below:

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Care

MFM physicians care for our highest risk patients as well as provide consultation to all of our patients depending on their level of acuity.

Obstetrician Care

Mayo Clinic obstetrical care is led by a team of expert obstetricians highly skilled in complex management.

Midwifery Care

Midwives primarily provide care for low to moderate risk pregnancies while also providing support to all patients receiving care at Mayo Clinic.

Resident Care

The Mayo Clinic team includes a variety of learners including OBGYN Residents who manage patients as primary obstetric providers throughout their pregnancy.

Family Medicine Care

At Mayo Clinic, many family medicine physicians also provide obstetrical care as part of their primary care practice.

Mayo Clinic Health System Care

Obstetrician care is available at all Mayo Clinic locations that provide labor and birth services throughout the Midwest. Delivery sites are available in Southeast Minnesota, Southwest Minnesota, Northwest Wisconsin and Southwest Wisconsin in the Mayo Clinic Health System.


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