How to customize your notifications and settings

Jun 7, 2023 | Colleen Young, Connect Director | @colleenyoung | Comments (13)

Get only the emails and notifications you want. It’s now easier for you to manage your settings and notification preferences. This puts you in control.

Email & On-site Notifications
You receive one email digest daily or weekly. The email digest is a summary of all the activity in the groups, blogs, and events you follow.

Discover support groups and blogs to follow
See what you are following and what you might be interested in here:

Simply click Follow to add the activity of a group or blog to your digest email.

Do you want to get an email for every post?
For some discussions, you may wish to get an email or on-site notification for every new post in real time (as they are posted). 

To get every message in your inbox or on-site notifications:

  1. Go to the discussion you're interested in.
  2. Click the bell icon in the bottom right of the first message.
  3. Select the setting you wish.
  4. Click Save Setting.

Mute a discussion
Sometimes you may wish to follow a group, but there is a specific discussion that you’re not interested in. You can stop notifications for that discussion by muting it.

Profile & Settings
In your settings, you can refine your preferences.

To find your settings

  1. Click profile image in the top right.
  2. Click Profile & Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the My Groups & Blogs tab to see groups and blogs you follow.
  4. Click the Settings tab to edit your settings. 

Settings include things like:

  • General: Edit the basics like your email, password, and language.
  • About Me: Add information about you like your name, location and contact (optional). Choose to share publicly or keep private.
  • Notifications and Preferences: Choose how you’d like to be notified about new activity.

Set your Notifications and Preferences

In the Notifications and Preference click Edit beside any section to do the following:

  • Activity Involving Me
    Choose to receive notifications when another member interacts with you and your posts. You can get an email every time someone replies to a post you’ve written, @mentions you in a post, likes a post you’ve written.
  • Activity I Have Followed Or Muted
    See Your Interests and Discussions you have followed and how you're following them
  • Digest
    Get a daily digest. By default a digest email is sent daily. You can change this to weekly or turn it off.
  • Private Messages
    Allow private messages. You can choose to turn off private messaging.
  • Disable/Enable All Email Notifications
    You can turn off all emails. Your settings will be saved when you decide to turn them back on.

If you don’t want any emails, you can rely on the on-site notifications. Visit the homepage any time to see what’s new. The homepage is your new home base.

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I get nothing on crest snydrome or calcinois, why, just cancer


I get nothing on crest snydrome or calcinois, why, just cancer

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Welcome @khemu4, There are a couple of discussions related to the conditions you mentioned that might be helpful:
--- Limited Scleroderma or CREST Syndrome: What helps?:
--- Post Juvenile Dermatomyositis Muscle Calcinosis Treatment?:

Do you mean you are not receiving notifications for the conditions or you can't find the discussions?


I get nothing on crest snydrome or calcinois, why, just cancer

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@khemu4, to receive notifications about the topics you are interested in, follow the support group that matches your interests.
- Support Groups

You can also use Search to find discussions on specific topics and follow those discussions. By following support groups and/or discussions, you will receive notifications of the topics that interest you.

Learn how to follow support groups and set your preferences in the Help Center

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