Yearning to be addiction-free ASAP but asking for helpful ideas

Hi, I'm on disability for major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, take 60 mg Duloxetine (Cymbalta) and 4 mg daily of Clonazepam. I know that if you attempt to cold turkey off any benodiazepam like Clonazepam, you can have seizures and even die! I declare March 2018 as "My Personal Freedom Month" of all my addictions - Clonazepam, Sugar (severely addicted!), Weed, internet porn, and caffeine. I don't have the money right now to buy weed much and I have to taper off it but weed is/was the only thing that relaxes me as I am habituated to the 4 mg clonazepam so it provides no anxiety relief. I know that I have to "step up" (pun intended) the physical exercise and social activity, among other things. Anybody have any suggestions for tapering off (as quickly as is safely possible to avoid withdrawal symptoms) all these addictive substances? I want to be free of all addictions and save money simultaneously. I've researched you can taper off (and will work with my Psychiatrist) 4 mg clonazepam about 1/2 mg every two weeks until you get down to 1 mg daily, then you need to taper off more slowly, .25 mg every 2 weeks until you're off, about over 5 months if you're starting to wean off at 4 mg. Any suggestions for getting off weed and the other addictions would be very highly appreciated. I have a law degree and I'm a capable guy but crippled / impaired by all these addictive substances. And weed is too expensive for me right now. Thank you / anyone for help with this. At wit's end! Thank you!

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I feel you. Im in the process of coming of methadone. Ive made it through multiple addictions i.e. meth, opiates, THC and many other mind altering substances. Ive attempted the all or nothing route be it alone, detox, rehab, psych ward multiple times to no avail. My only sucsess has been identifying the domanate substance and declaring battle on it. I am winning the war but declaring battle against the dominate enemy everyday and am so close to winning the war i can smell it.


Oh, well. It is complicated. Maybe you could write?

Pages is good. It’s digital paper and has files and an app. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

There may be other writing apps. Simply title the entry, sign it, and date it. Then, add how many words it is in parenthesis.

Or Create a HEADING Format you prefer: I like this one, below, and it gets me ready to write at least 500 words before I end the entry and input the final word count.
“Challenges of Living Soberly
(13 words)”

Include the word count by going to your setting and turning it on. You can save it in a pdf if you want. Inputting your own thought gives you a feeling of progressive progress no matter what a person is doing and the mind responds with new output.

Share it to a reader, one on one, with or without plans for feedback. It’s a positive way to find emerging thoughts. I learned it from a late 20th Century Old School Editor.

Other things is finding new input daily, like film review from the local library A-Z for non entertainment reasons and more for learning unexpected things. This is highly rewarding and gives any person new things to think and say in response in engaging in what people are spending loads of money on producing. A person can comparatively look up the film online and see what questions you might find answered there.

Lastly, see yourself in a new state of self. Believe it’s true and keep it real for you to tap into daily.

Finally, find a way to manage your feelings when you are needing uplift and talk yourself right through it. Interdependence is naturally wonderful. But, being your own friend brings new friends easier.

Umm, thanks for sharing. I hope the best for your new health goals. Cheers!



It depends on your age and how long you’ve been taking the Klonopin. It’s a high dose. You can’t go both quickly and safely at the same time. It just doesn’t work that way. Take it from me who was on four as well. To get totally off, it could very possibly take a year. There is no easy and fast formula. Visit (don’t call) your doctor to find out their plan for you. If he is thorough and has your best interest in mind, he’ll choose the slower route. Good luck. PS: since you keep turning to weed and those type cbd problems, you can always invest in a program to help you get and stay clean on all levels. Good luck.

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