Womens Heart care treatment

Posted by retirement75 @retirement75, Jan 9 9:28am

First heart attack was 16 yrs ago, a 2nd following lumbar surgery. My lifestyle was relatively uncompromised and I really had not educated myself much on heart disease. in 2020, after heart catherization, which verified high percentage of blockage in 5 stents I was given the choice of medication, restenting or bypass surgery. Definitely didn't want bypass surgery; however, they attempted restenting and were not able to do it. Subsequently had a heart attack during this process, which resulted in triple bypass surgery. It has been the most challenging health issue and recovery I have dealt with. Needless to say I have delved into learning about the issues I have with my heart disease and where this can go. Does anyone feel that women are better served by a woman cardiologist vs. male cardiologist and what determines whether you doctor with a general cardiologist or heart failure, cardiomyopathy, whatever diagnosis you've been given.

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@retirement75 Wow 16 very young .Glad your better after your by pass .I had triple by pass due to 3 blockages 85,90 95. My Dr sent me to male cardiologist who in turn ran me through the test include heart catherazation .That was in 1996 I've had no problems since Dr who did surgery,male,told me to get of red meat I didn't eat for 10 yrs then went back occasionally only the better cuts The worst was the chest tube 😫. I did all the exercises I was told and changed my diet to vegetarian 😅 outside of occasional meat.Im 79 now just had my testing done Dr. Female keeps up on what I need .Glad your o.k.


I was 58 when I had my first heart attack, now 76

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