Why would my angiogram doctor want to transfer me to the surgical hosp

Posted by Barry @farnham, Nov 26, 2023

My cardiologist set up a catheterization angiogram at a local testing center to determine the level of blockage.
The procedure revealed blockage in at least 3 arteries, and recommended bypass surgery.
However, the center wanted to immediately transfer me via ambulance to the surgical hospital, the same day before I had even seen the potential surgeon.
I refused, pointing out that is was a Friday afternoon and even if the hospital admitted me, nothing would ne done over the weekend, or later until an with the surgeon was obtained and the surgery scheduled.
Anybody have this attempted? Seems to be a scam to charge the $8000-10000 for an unnecessary ambulance trip.

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As mentioned in a previous reply, I got an appointment with the surgeon 5 days after the test. The surgeon reviewed the images and began scheduling for the bypass surgery.

My regular cardiologist gave me a prescription for a nitrate to address the mild angina while waiting for the surgery. The surgeon is one of the best here. He said that bypass is urgent, but not an emergency. My hospital would not have admitted me if I had been sent before seeing the surgeon, which is exactly what happened to another patient who had been sent directly from their test.

At any rate, I am on track for surgery and will go in for preoperative testing in a week.

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Barry, Best wishes for a successful surgery!

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