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Hi @summertime4, you'll notice that I moved your message to this existing discussion called "Why Genetic Testing for Mental Health Meds is Important." I did this so you can meet others who are talking about gene testing and how it can help determine the medications that may and likely won't help you.

In addition to the information that @ainsleigh @rachel123 and @mpm1 shared, I'd also like to bring @wsh66 and @johnbishop into this discussion. Steve has used GeneSight I believe and John used Mayo's GeneGuide and I hope they'll share their experiences.

Summertime, has your doctor recommended that you get gene testing done or was this something you are exploring to gather info?

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Search Genesight testing. You will find links for patients, and doctors. Based on your Gene's, you'll submit a swab, they can tell which meds your body will metabolize well and which you won't. If you can't metabolize a certain drug you won't benefit from taking it
Your doctor must register with Genesight. It's free and it takes about 15 minutes. If your doctor doesn't want to do this, (they can be stubborn or just to busy), they will furnish a list of doctors based on your zipcode. That doctor will explain your results and give you a copy of your report that you can have entered into your medical record. This test is most useful for selecting psychotropic and analgesic medications. Most insurance and Medicare will cover it. I found it to be a very valuable service.

Genetic testing sounds interesting for those of us who are medication resistant or sensitive, but most likely it is out of pocket expense and not covered under Medicare which would make this option cost prohibitive for me.