white sputum not going away for years

Posted by sultan @sultan, Nov 27, 2018

my problem is white sputum that not going away over 3 years some time have breathing problem
feel sputum in chest use medicines told by doctors but not over come.still upset with this problem
use zetofen ,testila airmount also some syrup along with inhaler.can you help?

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Hi @sultan, welcome to Connect.
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I'm also going to invite @windwalker and @tdrell into this discussion as they may have some suggestions.

Sultan, Have you been given a diagnosis?


@sultan….have just read this one message that you sent asking Re white sputum. Am wondering as mentioned by Colleen if you have been to Drs for it? Am not familiar with the meds you mentioned….where do you live?
I have lots of mostly white mucus…….mine no doubt is from several things. I was diagnosed with chronic rhinnorhea….am supposed to irrigate nose several times a day with saline. I also use Flonase nose spray twice a day…steroid anti inflammatory…..folllowed by anti histamine nose spray….Azelestine…..I take Allegra 180mg…..singulaire…..was allergy tested….now getting desensitization shots for molds and dust.
I also have severe Gerd….so I minimize my fluid intake and follow dietary restrictions and do not sleep on right side. And take antacid meds.


Anyone tested for mycobacterium avium?


have you been tested for Mycobacterium avium?


have you been tested for Mycobacterium avium?

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