What's your experience with Ramelteon?

Posted by ripley @ripley, Jul 20 11:37am

Can anyone share their experience with Ramelteon, such as dosage, how long taking, did it help with sleep, side effects, etc? I've been taking 75-150mg of Trazodone and 2mg melatonin for a while but it doesn't always work well, so my doctor prescribed 8mg Ramelteon. I afraid to take it because it's one of the hypnotic drugs where you can sleepwalk without knowing it. I've also read it's not very effective helping insomnia. I've had insomnia for 18 months, I think related to fibromyalgia symptoms that started about the same time.

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Been taking 16 mg of Ramelteon with Ambein for several weeks with no bad side effects . I have had terrible insomnia for 30 years and was desperately seeking something to help get a few hours of sleep .


I stopped taking it because it made me very groggy the next day. I don't remember the dosage but it was my first time on it and my doctor does not give the "highest dose" when starting out on anything. It definitely made me drowsy. Ramelteon is not a controlled substance. Discontinuation of ramelteon in animals or in humans after chronic administration did not produce withdrawal signs. Ramelteon does not appear to produce physical dependence. Ramelteon has no potential for abuse or drug dependence and is not a controlled substance. Feel free to do online research to confirm (or deny!) my statements about the drug. Good luck. ps Right now I am not taking anything. I have sleep apnea and am using a cpap machine however that is what you use to keep you asleep. It isnt there to "put you to sleep". Hence, insomnia.

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