What statin (if any) have you taken long term?

Posted by cantbelievethis @cantbelievethis, Jul 10, 2023

First off, I realize all stains have side effects so I am "not" asking for one with *no side effects*. I am wanting to know in general what people take.

What has been your history in taking them? Did you start with one then move on to another, etc.

My experience with them has been Lipitor a few years back. I felt aches and pains from it so it was discontinued. So then doctor tried Crestor. I am not the best person to be talking about statins because after taking the crestor, I eventually stopped taking it as taking a med every day was "getting to me". (notice no thought for my health, just the inconvenience of taking a med daily.)

I don't recall anything bad from the crestor but I didn't take it that long.

Which brings me to the present day. Cardiologist who I just started to see ....new to him and hadn't been under the care of one prior...primary care was ordering the statins, well the new cardiologist wants me on a statin and ordered Lipitor. I wish I had spoken up and told him I had been prescribed it in the past and it didn't work out too well but was nervous etc. during the appointment and thought "give it another try, maybe this time it will work". I just got the RX and haven't picked it up from the pharmacy yet.

So, what if any statin has worked best for you. What dose do you take?

Doctor said he is starting me off with 20 mgs a day.

Cholesterol level: 220.

Thank you!!

Cheers. 🙂

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No side effects at all. I don’t get any skin irritation and weird as it may sound, to me, the best place for the injection is in the stomach area. You pinch the skin and press the injection there. Zero bleeding or anything else

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