What numbers to expect on Echo after starting Camzyos

Posted by colliemom517 @colliemom517, Nov 18 11:34am

Hello, I started on Camzyos, 5mg, about 4 weeks ago and had my first echocardiogram. I have a video visit with my Doctor next week. I am just wondering exactly what numbers are the most important on the echo, to watch. LVOT resting gradient and Valsalva?

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It seems to me that the gradient at rest and on Valsalva are what my cardiologist pays attention to. I’ve been told that it should start coming down after 4-5 months or sooner.

I have had a very modest decrease after increasing the dose of Camzyos from 5 to 10mg. Just started 15mg dose and hoping for better gradient response.

Hope all goes well for you!


My doctor was so pleased with my results on my echo after only 4 weeks on Camzyos. My resting gradient was always normal, but the Valsalvar gradient went from 88 on my echo right before I started Camzyos, down to 24 after 4 weeks of meds!!!! We are all so happy. I can walk without having to stop 3-4 times, and have put on over 7000 steps at a car show without a problem. I pray you all can get the same results. Another echo on Dec. 12.

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