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Such hopeful news - I’ve been on CAMZYOS for 5 weeks at 5mg and my cardiologist did my echocardiogram at 4 weeks and was elated at the results. I do feel so much better; able to walk longer distances at a better pace and not breathless either.
My question is whether there is a point at which one can stop taking CAMZYOS?

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Hello there @par4rosy, and WELCOME to Mayo Connect!!
I'm so glad you are here and that what you've read gives you hope. It great too that Camzyos is working so well for you in such a short time and that most important, you're feeling so much better. I was not able to go the Camzyos route, but there are so many brave and amazing members here who have, and hopefully they will be able to answer that question, unless you ask your cardiologist first.
No two people are alike, and each case is different as you probably already know...but it doesn't hurt to ask! Again, I'd like you welcome you here and hope that you can find a lot of good information shared by others on this HOCM/Camzyos road 🙂
How long have you known you have HOCM?
How did you hear about this great support community on Mayo Connect?