What is a CRT dual lead pacemaker supposed to treat?

Posted by jwooders3 @jwooders3, May 14 9:59pm

I had a second pacemaker installed in 2018 in a distant city from where I now live. I have felt palpitations almost nightly as I’m falling asleep. This pacemaker is a CRT dual-lead. The tech told me it is the frenic nerve. ( Not sure of the spelling.) I don’t know if I have A-fib anymore because of this. The palpitations happen so often I now just ignore it!

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Additional information I didn’t post: I am 100% paced following an ablation in 2004 and a St Jude single lead pacemaker being put in.


@jwooders3, this sounds like a good question to put to your cardiologist. Have you talked to your specialist about your palpitations and possible involvement of the phrenic nerve?


Yes, the tech suggested the CRT pacemaker may be causing the phrenic nerve to respond to the heart beats. It is uncomfortable. Thank you.

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