What are your thoughts on the Bariatric surgery? What are the pros/con

Posted by boymom76 @boymom76, Oct 19 6:18pm

What are anyone’s thoughts on Bariatric surgery? Could someone give me the pros and cons of the surgery?

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boymom76 @boymom76

It has been over 10 years since my surgery. I have had my up and downs, over 100 lbs lighter.

Improved quality of life. If loss weight other things improve. In my case, reduced high blood pressure, more active, better self-esteem.

All surgery has its risk. Not a quick fix, lot of work and discipline before and after. Food intolerance, varies by person. Malnutrition – I had problems with low iron.

Most of cons are under your control; if follow direction and are disciplined, can reduce cons.



I have a black heel, about 3" across. It started when I had a hole the size of a half dollar. The hole is being treated and is closed to the size of a Nickel! XRay of the hole do not disclose any infection.
Will I need to have HyperBaric to aid in healing?

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