Weight training and CABG

Posted by rohits1971 @rohits1971, Aug 24, 2016

Hi, i got a CABG done with 4 grafts in 2012. I am 45 uears old. Is it advisable to do intensive weight training? Can it harm the valves

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Good question @rohits1971. Here’s some information about Strength and Resistance Training Exercise from the American Heart Association http://bit.ly/2bjXuyD. Exercise is recommended. But, of course, everyone is different and it is best to talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise regime.

I’m also tagging @thankful @HeartPatches @hals @ronbee as they can share their experiences with working out post CABG surgery.

Rohits, Did you do intensive weight training before you had surgery? What rehab and conditioning have you been doing since surgery?


Hi Colleen, thanks for the information. To answer your question. Yes I was doing Weight training before the surgery also. I went through the usual 3 month rehab program at the hospital after the surgery. Post that I have been regular at the gym with 40 minutes daily cardio and 30-40 minutes of weight training.


Hi @rohits1971, kudos to you for wanting to be proactive and get back to your weight training regimen. As @colleenyoung mentioned, it’s best to speak with your doctor about this since it’ll vary from person to person what level activity is “okay” when in the recovery. Here are some examples of things to ask the doctor about activity and CABG surgery recovery, maybe this is a helpful start to kick off that conversation!

– How long until I can to my normal daily activities?
– Will I be referred to a cardiac rehabilitation program?
– How long will I take to recover?
– What level of physical activity am I allowed to do after surgery?
– Can I get help with making lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking,
adopting a heart-healthy diet, and exercising?
– Is there a special diet I should follow after my coronary artery bypass operation?


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