Weight Lifting and exercise with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: Tips?

Posted by annyfreeze @annyfreeze, Apr 24 1:34pm

At 52 ish HOCM was discovered and my surgeon cut out some excess muscle out of my heart and changed out a valve. He made a mitro valve choice that 4 years later had to be redone/open heart again. All to say- not a lot of working out/exercise in the last 10 years. For 5 years I have been trying to find info on exercise with HCM. My cardiologist- who I do love- just keeps saying “go live life”. It is encouraging. And it isn’t. Still a bit tired and gasping for air on inclines. (Heart?! Out of shape?)
There are plenty of days where I feel my heart beat and it feels like a full body quake that others can see! (They can’t) (heart)
My question~
The other day, to encourage a friend, I went to
“The exercise coach” for three sessions.
It is a program of 20 min 2 x week pretty intensive weights.
Am I doing damage?
I am exhausted after for a day or two .
(Heart? Or out of shape?)
I watched my heart rate last time I went, it stayed under 100bpm.
After the second open heart surgery, I was walking and doing small weights and changed my diet (which really wasn’t too bad already). It has almost been a year and have had some movement toward better shape. But it has been a year. I want to live life being much more active and strong.
After three sessions of this program I could see an actually difference and would like to keep going.
Fairly competitive – and the computer allows you to push above the last time you were there while on each machine. Good or bad?!
Is there ANY reading out there for HCM on exercise that is acceptable, accurate, helpful? I have asked for 6 years. All I get is “don’t google” but I figure the Mayo Clinic is a place I can go~. Thanks

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Morning just checking in
Hope everything had less stress full weekend
New week glad I above ground joke
Cooler weather here
Have good week

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Have a good week too @selima109 😊 We have much to be grateful for, and being 'above ground' is one!


To all enjoying the summer great day on beach
Going on short trip this weekend
My heart goes out to all
Vist your friends have coffee or share what you have
It does our ❤️ well
Keep moving
Stress not good
I was there
So I decided to take care of me
I standing with you all
Just do it
Celima S

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Thanks for all the joy you express!


You inspired me
I wish I know you
You are young still have lots to live for
I am 72
Talking is good everyday it’s good to have conversations
Excising is what you think you can do
Only your body can tell you how much it can Stand
Good day

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