Weight Gain after Weight Loss Surgery. Let's support each other

Posted by grandmaR @grandmar, Mar 15, 2019

Hello All!
My name is Ronnie. I was sleeved October 2016. From the beginning of my journey, I lost between 80-90 pounds (depending on the day). I never reached my goal.
Since my WLS, I have had other physical issues that has impacted my ability to walk and exercise. In addition, I have been on multiple medications with a weight gain side affect and I’ve had 3 surgeries (one for melanoma and two on my spine) This is my way of saying I’ve gained approximately 20-30 pounds. I am TERRIFIED to get on the scale!!!!
I’ve not be able to get back on program and I seem to have lost my focus. I’ve tried to go on each phase of the program (liquid, soft, etc.), but I am not able to follow through. I had no problem staying on a liquid diet for weeks before surgery and weeks after. I don’t know if it was because I knew I was having the surgery?????
I need help to get my mojo back. Anyone else? Let’s support each other and our efforts to get back on track and continue our journey together!

Ronnie, (@grandmar), I understand you posted this discussion a bit ago, but I was wondering how you are doing in regards to your weight gain since posting this to the group? Were you able to get back on to your program? I'd like to invite a few other members who have discussed a gastric sleeve to see if they have had any ups & downs to share as well and perhaps how they got back on the weight loss path. @ritaz1964, @lovette26, @aprilarlady, and @mdk have discussed gastric surgery and may be able to share some experiences with you.

@grandmar, you have discussed many other complications that made it difficult for you to stay on your program, are you still finding this to be the case?


I didn't have the sleeve but had the roux-en y. I managed to lose 150 pounds and was actually asked to gain 5-10 pounds. When the scale started going up, I was terrified. I too have had complications. I had difficulties at the beginning and had to stay on the liquid diet longer than normal. Less than a year out I had kidney stone removal surgery followed by gallbladder removal surgery one week later. At the very least, I was completely wiped out. I had zero energy, had to go in daily for fluids, and slept a LOT! My energy level is still not where I need it to be and I'm another year and a half out from that whole mess. I too need to get on a regular exercise program and start feeling like myself again. What does anyone do when you start to see the scale going up? How do you reign things back in?

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