Weight gain. Is it related to my stroke?

Posted by joliepalillo @joliepalillo, Jan 14, 2021

I had a major stroke in the right cerebral middle artery. I am 24, was 23 when it happened. Was paralyzed on the left side whole shebang. After my stroke I was obviously immobile and depressed like most of us for some time after my stroke. I gained 30 pounds in 7 weeks. I have been immobile from open heart surgeries before and never gained that much weight. Could the stroke have some how effected my hormones? Now I have been working out and dieting for eight months and have only lost 11 pounds. This cannot be normal.

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Hello @joliepalillo, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I've had weight issues most of my adult life and just this past year have been able to shed a little over 30 pounds since January. I know it can be a struggle when you try and eat right and exercise regularly. Have you thought about talking with a nutritionist or asking your doctor if there may be some other cause of not being able to lose weight?


Hello @joliepalillo and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I understand you had a stroke and experienced weight gain that is now making you question if your stoke could've effected your hormones.

You will notice that I have moved your post into both the Healthy Living Group as well as the Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases Group to allow you to better connect with members who may be able to share their experiences to help you.

In the meantime, I would like to share an older discussion that I think may be of help from a member who's fiancé, as well as others in the discussion, experienced the same.

-Stroke Survivor - always hungry

Can you share with us if you might have any medications that could be impacting your situation?


Hi @joliepalillo, welcome to Mayo Mayo Clinic Connect. I am so sorry hear of your health struggles at such a young age. I can understand some your health issues. I had an AVM which ruptured at my cerebellum. As a result I have muscle weakness, double vision, motion sickness, and balance issues. My 3rd and last surgical repair of my AVM has accidentally left me with neuropathy on the left side of my body from head to toe. My neurology team of doctors has provided very vague answers. Little is medically known because firstly, there are not many survivors and secondly, symptoms are dependent on the location of the stroke or aneurism. The variations of location are many causing different symptoms.
As far as weight control, it seems I am stuck at the same weight when I had my ruptured AVM. The loss of nerves or damage to nerves has caused miscommunication between my nerves and brain. It has become very difficult for me to lose any weight. It is a slow process. 11 lbs is very reasonable to me. Have you been doing physical therapy? Insist and keep at it to become stronger. It helps the brain relearn. How long has it been since your stroke? At first I was in a wheelchair but now 4 years later I am able to ambulate. Physical persistence has taught my brain to form different pathways to be able to learn again. My recovery has been slow but progressive. I will be happy to answer any questions through my experiences. I also have learned by trial and error which activities or supplements have helped. Hang in there. Best wishes. Toni


Hi @joliepalillo haven’t heard from you lately. Have you been able to resolve your weight issue? Hope you are doing well. Toni

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