Donated my Kidney: May 20, 2020

Posted by Tammi @danhoe, May 16, 2020

On Wednesday at 5 am, I report for surgery to donate my left kidney to an unknown person. During this strange time in our world it’s time for patience and understanding. Although I have to be dropped off for surgery, I know others will be with me in their hearts. I wonder who will be receiving my kidney? Are they make or female? How old is the recipient? Will it be local or will my kidney travel? I have been so pleased with my team at Mayo handling the donation testing. My nurse, Zach, has been with me since day 1 of testing and keeps me well informed. It’s almost surreal that this journey is about to take the biggest step. Any tips or advice are welcome.


So happy to say my unknown kidney recipient sent me a card and letter today. They are healing each day after the transplant in May. Prior to the transplant they were on dialysis and unable to work for the last 3 1/2 years.

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@danhoe Wow, how wonderful! I'm glad your recipient reached out to you. It really validates your gift, doesn't it? The world of donation will have two new advocates – both you and your recipient – to spread the word of gifting organs! And, happy to hear you are recovering well, that hike was surely a reward for you.


you are a great lady God bless you

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