Member who will spend 3 months in Rochester for bone marrow transplant

Posted by themingleteam @themingleteam, Jan 13, 2016

We have a team member who will spend 3 months in Rochester as her husband is having an upcoming bone marrow transplant. We wanted to get them some gift cards to possibly a restaurant(s), book store, Caribou, etc…do you have any suggestions for local businesses that we might contact for gift cards that would be handy and in fairly close proximity of the clinic and Gift of Life Home where they will be staying? Thank you!

Hi @themingleteam! Thanks for reaching out – I’m not sure off the top of my head, but I will ask around for a few suggestions for you. I’ll get back to you soon.

Hi @themingleteam.
What a lovely idea! You’ll notice that I moved your post to the Visiting Mayo Clinic group. As we build a list of local businesses with other members, this will be a great thread for other families visiting Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN.

I also want to let you know that on Jan 20, there is a webinar about Bone Marrow Transplant that your member may wish to participate in online

Also, please let them know about the Transplant group where they can meet other patients and caregivers

Colleen Young
Connect Community Director.

While I do not have any suggestions for local Rochester businesses, I would recommend some subscriptions, possibly Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu. Also, a Kindle Fire would be nice if you have more money to spend.

Victoria’s Ristorante & Wine Bar next to the Koehler Grand near the clinic is wonderful for a nice dinner.

Hi @themingleteam,
We followed up with a few people about your request. Below is a list of local businesses in Rochester as well as other suggestions of gifts for your member while they are in Rochester for 3 months. These ideas came from a group of Mayo Clinic patients sharing on social media about Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

Restaurant recommendations: Chester’s, Newt’s, Forager, Five West, Terza, Grand Rounds, Prescotts and Victoria’s Ristorante & Wine Bar.

Entertainment ideas: Subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon Prim or Hulu. There’s a Barnes and Noble, as well as the Rochester Public Library. There’s also Bowl-O-City for lazer tage and bowling, and the Cine Magic movie theatre.

Special thanks to @cynaburst and @PatMattos for also sharing here on Connect!

@themingleteam when will your friend be in Rochester?

Another thing you may want to consider is that people who undergo transplants are immunocompromised and are not encouraged to spend alot of time around other people in public places. For that reason, I might think about something that they can use at home or the Gift of Life house like the Netflix subscription. An IPad or Kindle Fire would be great if you have a fair amount to spend. I have a Kindle Paperwhite that I like alot and there is free wi fi at the clinic and hospital.

My husband and I spent 11 weeks at the GOL in spring 2009. We were far from home, and our church friends sent us some Walmart cards so that we could get the basics that we needed. (there was a shuttle to W’mart at that time). That worked for us. Also, I think that some of the “generic” type pre paid gift cards (ie cap one, visa etc). would be handy to have. That way your friends could use them where we needed.
I wish for your friend to have the very best outcome.

Welcome back to Connect @rosemarya! These are great suggestions.

What a thoughtful idea! Please let us know if we can help your friend and her husband with anything while they are in town!

A few of my favorite restaurants that didn’t make others’ lists: The Loop (yummy for breakfast, lunch and dinner! a gift card for The Loop will also work at Five West, but that is not within walking distance of Clinic), Pescara (delicious brunch! a gift card to Pescara will also work at Terza, La Vetta and Chester’s), City Market (great lunch spot. a gift card for City Market will also work at 300 First, the Redwood Room and City Café), Dooley’s Pub

Would your friend or her husband would enjoy a little pampering? I haven’t actually used their services, but here are a couple places within walking distance that offer massages and/or manicures and pedicures: Healing Touch Spa, Mayo Clinic Rejuvenate Spa

Hi @themingleteam. Wanted to check in and see what came of these suggestions!? Did you get some good ideas? How are your team member and her husband doing? We’re thinking about them!

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