Using seroquel for husband's anxiety: Concerned, any experiences?

Posted by teacher502 @teacher502, May 1 7:28am

My sweet hubby was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia in 2018. He does know me, but often needs reminders that I am his wife and frequent prompts to remember names, even mine. We have been happily, dreamily married for 31 years. He is 67, golfs once a week, exercises with a trainer twice a week, we walk at least 2.5 miles a couple of times a week and he does all of the yard work. (The yard work is getting harder.) He has been hallucinating more lately, some of them are frightening. He is having breathing problems when he exercises (even on our walks), and he has lost 20 pounds in about 9 weeks while eating regular foods, but he doesn't seem to be able to eat the amount he used to eat. He feels full quickly. (I eat the same foods and have not lost a pound.) We did do a cardiac stress test and are awaiting results. He did have an abdominal CT scan and it came back normal. He was given an albuterol inhaler to help with breathing and that produced horrible hallucinations that lasted several days. Now the doctors have prescribed 12.5 mg of seroquel to be taken at bedtime only and at other times if he is exhibiting severe anxiety. I am afraid of giving this to him. Does anyone have any experience with this medication or the breathing problems or weight loss? I love him so much and want to be the best and do the best for him today and always. Thanks in advance for any help!

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It is 12.5 mg at bedtime. We started first dose last night. I have heard that it takes several doses to see a difference. I was also told that if he is very anxious or having troubling hallucinations I can add in another one. He was accidentally put on Vraylar in 2018 (before LBD diagnosis) by a psychiatrist that had horrific side effects. I just wanted to be sure others had had positive experiences with seroquel in LBD. Thanks for asking.

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Hi, @teacher502 One of the many medications my wife was on was Seroquel for years and it was a huge help for her. It did take time to get to the proper therapeutic level in her blood and her dosage was changed over time as well.

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Thanks to all who mentioned Seroquel. We went to the cardiologist to get results of a stress test that he took two weeks ago. They did their standard EKG on him (I tried to get them to skip that part because he took one before the stress test, but it is standard procedure to do one every visit) and it showed that he was in active A-Fib. The MD looked at us and said this was new because the stress test showed a normal heart. I mentioned that he had had two 12.5 mg of seroquel the last two nights, and asked if that could have caused the A-Fib this quickly. He looked it up and said we need to stop the seroquel and explained why. I was really disappointed that he has A-fib and now has to stop the seroquel. This journey has so many twists and turns and constant unexpected revelations….each day is a new beginning and another adventure. On another note, I began to realize that our little car had too many miles, too much road noise, and I can hardly hear him since his voice is getting softer and softer and our current car also would not be able to hold a wheel chair if one is ever needed. Sooooooo….we (I) bought a new car and that has sent him into a tailspin……now he is hiding keys and afraid that I am going to sell his truck….SMH.

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