Using CBD/THC Oil to fight metastatic lung cancer

Posted by lighthouse68 @lighthouse68, Aug 10, 2018

I am looking for suggested starting dosage information


Hello tyreegirls3!

My husband has cancer, COPD and pain in his feet from an accident. He has been using CBD and THC oils and gummies for the past 15 months. We live in a state where Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana are both legal. He has a medical marijuana card and uses their products. But, in our state (Colorado) CBD is available almost anywhere as well.
The CBD has really helped with his pain. He doesn't use opioids or pain killers and the CBD has made a big difference. Everyone is different, so it's hard to know BUT I did read an interesting article in the latest Consumer Reports that said about 60-70% of people using CBD for pain are pleased and have been able to cut back on other pain relievers (including opioid type pain relievers). So that's a good endorsement. The article also said that fewer than 23% of people using CBD noticed any side effects.
My husband's cancer is now also 'stable' (for now anyway) and the only treatment he is using is the marijuana (really long story on that). He has either Stage III or Stage IV cancer (of an unknown type….that's the long story) and it hasn't grown significantly in a year and his oncologists believed he would not be here today. We don't know if it's the marijuana but since it's all we have to work with at this point we're moving forward with it.
Good luck and hugs!!

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Thank you! My mother is registered in Illinois for medical CBD + THC and she may soon be considering using cannabis oil for her cancer. I have also done a lot of research on cannabis in combination with intravenous vitamin C.


The cannabis radio show on youtube is a wealth of information. Dosage seems to vary. One older gentleman took one gram at night for 19 days and continues on a lesser dose to this day.

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