Undiagnosed severe pain

Posted by notgivingup17 @notgivingup17, Jun 27 5:20pm

Hi, I’m new on this site. I’ve been suffering from severe pain that started after I sprained my ankle in 2017. It never really healed the pain has spread to my legs, buttocks, low back. and I can tell every time I use my muscles the pain goes to that area than I start to loss muscle tone. I had a lot of test done all negative. MRI showed a calcified herniated disc L5-S1. I had surgery, I’m in my 4th Wk and I still have the same pain. It’s spreading to my arm, shoulders, upper back and now I have burning tongue syndrome but I know it’s from the nerve pain. Anyone have these issues?

Hello @notgivingup17 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. It sounds like you've had this pain slowly traveling north since the onset in 2017 after your ankle sprain. I am wondering what correlation your doctor may have made between your ankle sprain, herniated disk and your overall pain you are experiencing?


Well I sprained my ankle I think it was late 2016 saw my primary because it wasn’t healing at that time it just would swell once in a while. I ask to go to physical therapy but he wouldn’t send me, he said I would need to be in a car accident. It gradually worsen through out the day. I started feeling weird sensation like water dripping on my calf, the blanket on my feet bothered me and eventually crawling sensation. Finally I went to a orthopedic/ spine doctor had a MRI done, he said I had a bulging disc L4-L5 than said I needed a EMG and PT. I was afraid of the EMG from hearing other people. I got a 2nd opinion from a surgeon he said I should try PT and maybe a chiropractor. I tried PT it didn’t help the pain spread to my other foot and calf and sometimes in my hands. I was still trying to exercise. After that my buttocks muscles got so tight they wouldn’t relax. Than the pain went to that area but with lots of prickling and muscle pain. By this time it was 2018 I had the EMG done it was negative. Went to several chiropractors and start seeing a pain doctor. So far no meds or chiropractor worked for me. In 2019 I saw another surgeon he sent me to a musculoskeletal neurologist he did a lot a of blood test and small fiber skin biopsy all negative. My surgeon did another MRI of my whole spine and this time I had a herniated disc L5-S1 and problem in my cervical which he said he would keep an eye on my cervical spine since I’m having more buttocks, legs and feet problems I should have the herniated disk surgery. I told both doctors it all started with my ankle, but they didn’t seem concerned about it. So I had spine surgery but I don’t feel much better and it’s spreading. Everytime I tell them I feel it in my arms or going up my sides the surgeon said I have issues with my neck. I did have a whiplash in 2007 that I never got treatment for. I’ve been researching and I’m praying it’s not CRPS. Sorry for the long story. Thanks for responding.

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