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Underweight and weakness at 24 years.

Posted by @subjobs32, Nov 17, 2011

Before you read further, let me tell you its quite long.
Can I discuss this with some medical professionals too ?

About me:
-24 year old guy with a 25′ waist (thin) !!!
-Height – 5’11
-Weight – about 120 pounds
-Structure – frail
-Mind – Not very alert, but when stomach is ok, sharp and intelligent.

Current Problems:
-Get tired easily/quickly (haemoglobin ok, but at minimum for male of my age – confirmed)
-Low blood pressure (do not remember value)
-Mild & infrequent constipation, gas.
-Low weight, strength, stamina, alertness.
-Noisy and painful movement of joints in fingers, wrists, ankles (urine tests do not indicate possibility of arthiritis)
-Feet and palms get cold easily (perhaps reynauds syndrome)
-Quality of sleep, 5-6 hours, erratic.
-Get weak during dangerous or tense situations. (Adrenal problems ???)
-Low rectal prolapse

Barium meal test-ok
Ultra sound-ok
Thyroid tests-ok
Urine and Blood-ok, except haemoglobin is at minimum.

Diet in teenage – Poor, lot of fast food, spicy stuff, cola, coffee etc.

I had hyperacidity for sure almost every second day and it seems that I had IBS (due to frequent constipation). It hurt me for 5 years, despite cutting the poor diet. The constipation is almost over for more than 2 years, after I took anti h-pylori medication.

Possibility of Gluten or Lactose intolerance ruled out, but not confirmed.

Can anyone suggest what this could mean and how I can get out of this problem(s) ? Cannot be frail and dull at young age. Need to be faster and better.



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Posted by @musali, Nov 20, 2011

i really sorry about your case, iam feeling the same when it comes weight lost and pain, i have had more then 20 doc in and around twincities erea and even abroad in germany to find out who can treat my H Pylory case but after 5 years iam still sick thinner way more then you and can keep my diet in mt stomach whenever eat i ahd to go rest room, i doubted my decease if its H pylori or something else, iam really confused just as you do i ‘ll love to see someone else to give as any idea about our cases thanks


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Posted by @joj85, Jan 21, 2012

Have your pituitary and adrenal function checked. Make sure you have copies of the labs and doctors notes. I noticed they sometimes ignore what’s right in front of them. Good luck.

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