Dofetilide (Tikosyn): adjusting dosage

Posted by elizabeth1941 @elizabeth1941, Sep 1, 2019

Has anyone on this Afib blog used Tykosyn for their Afib and if so what is your experience

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I have been on Dofetilide for 11 months. It worked for about 10 months. For the past month I have been having a lot of pounding quivering heart issues. Has anyone else had this happen?


Hi @elizabeth1941, You'll notice that I moved your new discussion over to the one you had previously posted. The benefit in grouping discussions together is that it not only involves everyone that was discussing the issue with you before, but it also updates our members on how your doing. Have you spoken with your physician yet regarding the pounding quivering heart issues?


Would love to hear from those who have or are taking tikosyn

I have been on it since my 2nd ablation


Hey @jmgm here is a discussion that is talking about Tikosyn so I moved your post so you could connect with others.

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