Tuberculosis complications

Posted by pussie @pussie, May 3, 2019

I suffered from TB in 1991 and completed my treatment, it came back in 1999 and in 2002.Since then I am experiencing bronchul congestion and hard phlegm when I visited the clinic I don't get helped,I tried until I surrendered and learned to live with this situation until now and use to cough.It is depressing and now suspecting lung cancer because my father died from it,I visited the chemists for inhalants but nothing changed. They advised me to see the ontologists which are not here in my country and they are said to be very expensive where they are found and money is my challenge.

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@pussie Ams os sorry that you are going through such a tough time. Gosh to have TB and have it return! Have you thought of seeing a pulmonologist rather than the other type of physician? A pulmonologist would help, I would think, more with the congestion and health of your lungs. DOn't know what country it is in which you live, but I hope you get some help for your condition. Please keep us posted as to how you do. Hope others here can help you more.


@pussie– Welcome to Mayo Connect. It must be very scary and frustrating for you when your TB returns. What kind of treatments have you received for it? May I ask you what country you are from? Would it be possible for you to go out of your country for medical help? What kind of doctor has been treating you for TB and why does he think that you might have lung cancer? I'm sorry to bombard you with questions but in order for me to try and guide you I need to know more information. If you do have lung cancer than you will need, as @alamogal635 suggests a pulmonologist as well as an Oncologist.


I am in Lesotho a very small country in the Southern tip of Africa and least developed country where there are no such specialists.I got the tb treatment in the form of capsules and an injection I can't tell you the precise names of the medication. I can go out of my country only by referral not on my own because it is costly.

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