Transplant Center change

Posted by christydave @christydave, May 9, 2018

I'm wondering if anyone has changed transplant centers during/end of testing? If so, did you have to start over or did they accept your current tests?

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@christydave, I would think that they would accept what you have had done as long as it is recent.. I know that Mayo accepted tests and procedures that my husband had done before we started there.


@christydave, I want to welcome you to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am a liver/kidney recipient, and a volunteer mentor. I would like to share a discussion : " "Out of State kidney transplant" where another member raised a similar question,
It is my understanding that each center has its own criteria for being evaluated and listed. In my own transplant experience, I was already listed at one center. Then inactivated and transferred to another transplant center due to medical emergency. I was re-evaluated.

@christydave, It sounds like you are beginning your transplant process. I wish you a safe journey. We are here anytime if you have any questions. I also invite you to have a look at some of our ongoing conversations. What kind of a transplant are you being evaluated for?


@christydave, You have a good question. It is okay to call the transplant center that you are considering. They would be best able to apply this question to your personal situation.
I would be interested in learning what they say if you are comfortable to share. Remember: You do not need to share any personal information in your reply.
Thanks. Rosemary

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