Top Medical Centers for MAC and Bronchiectasis

Posted by Granny @goddard, Apr 23, 2018

What are the top medical research / treatment centers for Bronchiectais and MAC? I was just diagnosed after Super D Navigation Bronchoscopy at UCLA. I've had ton of CT scans over the years because I have had two different malignancies (94 and 09) , both of which can metastasize to Lungs, and CT scans show nodules– but they didnt grow a lot. Finally, because of nonstop coughing, I got the bronchoscopy which has cultured MAC, and two bacterial infections, and ruled out cancer in the biggest nodule. In my experience with cancer, I've learned different medical centers specialize in different diseases– and some are a lot more advanced than others re certain diseases. Where are the really cutting edge places for MAC? Are there alternative treatments?

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Clnc, you have had your share of medical challenges for sure. But you a seeker of quality care….good for you!
Other group members will add facilities.
Go to and check tab listing names
Mayoclinic in Rochester Minn is a top resource
National Jewish Health in Denver is another

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