Tinnitus and severe vertigo

Posted by jandroid @jandroid, Jan 5 1:22pm

The tinnitus is making me crazy. The vertigo started last night. Has anyone experienced worsening migraines since COVID? I had mine under control by avoiding cheese and processed foods. I was positive for COVID the day after Thanksgiving. The one time I went without a mask in an Uber I got COVID.

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You may do well to consult a physician or specialist ENT as there are exercises you can learn to reduce and eliminate the vertigo and tinnitus IF it is due to an inner ear imbalance.


I am waiting to start vestibular rehab prescribed by my neurologist for dizziness/vertigo. Also taking several supplements.


My mother in law had severe vertigo, after third Covid booster,( I dislike calling it vertigo, as she couldn’t even sit up in bed without losing muscle control and falling over). She was hospitalized for 10 days with no solid diagnosis on what caused

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