Thyroid? Or something else? Constant internal shakiness

Posted by amtxo1989 @amtxo1989, Feb 26, 2018

Going on 2months now everyday non stop. Sometimes mild and im able to ignore it but over the hours of day it becomes more severe and causing my heart rate to go up and my blood pressure to go very high (170/99) its episodic. Ive been to hospital for it 3 times for it and received no treatment as my vitals slowly return to normal. Xanex helps me feel calm but does not help the shakiness just helps me not get upset about it. Am only 28 years old and hypothyroid. I have never had symptoms like this in my entire life just started out of nowhere. Iam in good sTate of mind and aware of what’s happening when the episodes happen. So far my doctors are clueless.


Hi@nancgdav your story sounds extremely like mine! I too suffer daily with internal shaking that causes me daily anxiety at work…which makes it even worse of course. I find the shaking worse when i'm tired as well. I have seen numerous doctors and gone through the run of tests, none of which flag anything. Every doctor I have seen are perplexed by the internal vibrations and can't seem to explain it. I was going to start acupuncture too as an option and wondered how your experience had been with it? I'm almost a year into these symptoms and i'm so tired of the worry/struggle to find a solution. Thanks!

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@jbug I also welcome you to MayoClinicConnect. Living with your situation for a year with no answers must be so worrying! And having the anxiety extend into your work day…… Have you been able to talk with a therapist or counselor to find ways to deal with the anxiety? Are your coworkers able to detect the anxiety? Maybe you’re able to hide it real well and that just adds to the worry. My doctor just suggested that I go back to my therapist because I haven’t been able to come to terms with all that has happened in the past 2years. Everyone thinks I’m fine, but I’m not and it really weighs on me and worries me. Guess I should follow my own advice and call! A therapist may help you, too. Will you think about it? And follow @johnbishop ‘s advice, also!

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