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Thyroid? Or something else? Constant internal shakiness

Posted by @amtxo1989, Feb 26, 2018

Going on 2months now everyday non stop. Sometimes mild and im able to ignore it but over the hours of day it becomes more severe and causing my heart rate to go up and my blood pressure to go very high (170/99) its episodic. Ive been to hospital for it 3 times for it and received no treatment as my vitals slowly return to normal. Xanex helps me feel calm but does not help the shakiness just helps me not get upset about it. Am only 28 years old and hypothyroid. I have never had symptoms like this in my entire life just started out of nowhere. Iam in good sTate of mind and aware of what’s happening when the episodes happen. So far my doctors are clueless.


It appears that many doctors are clueless when it comes to pain and Autoimmune diseases. I put off calling my doctor for two days now. All I have to say to her is I cannot take it anymore. I feel sorry for you Amtxo. I complained of serious withdrawal pain for three nights at the ER. They sent me home Next day, Gall Bladder was an urgent surgery. I was full of infection. We do not know what this does to our organs. Xanex is strong. I could not take it.

Hi I also have internal shakiness but I call it electricity. Not sure if we have the same symptom. I have it in my legs (calves) bad and over the last few years in my hands. It gets much worse if I don't sleep well. I also need pain killers for it as the vibrations don't stop and the shakiness is also painful after I start feeling it for 5 minutes. Nothing else has helped me. I am also hypothyroid. It was also spreading to the bottom of my lumbar. I had that for a week and I did read on line that there is not enough calcium in your body and the nerves are not connecting and can cause this tremor. This person recommended taking Tums – since I was desperate for it not to be in another spot in my body I did take Tums , the first 2 weeks every day just 2 or 3 at the most. And believe it or not that stopped the vibrations in my lower back. Who knows? I now take Tums about 3 or 4 times a week to make sure, if they are helping to stop this weird electricity, that I have enough calcium in my system. Maybe it is part of a calcium issue? NO dr. in 20 years has any idea why this happened but it happened to me at the exact same time my thyroid went. I am sorry that this is going on at only 28, but maybe the Tums might help you.

Hi amtxo, I have experienced the internal tremors as well. It is in the back of my head, spine and hips. I have hashimotoe's (autoimmune thyroid disease) but not hypothyroid as of yet that I know of. I also experience neuropathy and weird imbalance issues like I am walking on sand or bouncing up and down really fast even though I am walking on normal ground and not bouncing! It's worse after using elevators and wearing heeled shoes. I have no diagnosis yet but I wanted to let you know that internal tremors I looked up may be harmless. I to do not know what causes it but I will keep you updated as I am undergoing test and treatments.

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