Thank you. I am 60. many old scars on face from acne [...]

Posted by Yomamabird Rhonda @graydlett, Apr 17, 2014

Thank you. I am 60. many old scars on face from acne and injury.
could old scar tissue have migrated to the surface of my face causing these large bumps of ugly horribly painful itching stuff? I have picked. because it hurts so much -like pressure on nerves.
got relief from removing what to me looks like scar tissue. (white and firm usually with ingrown hair somewhere in it too. but they are so deep and I am afraid. there are 12 of them. and one on my right calf. same thing it looks like. just grew out of what might have been an old injury?
I just made an appt. with the only dermatologist taking new patients and in my insurance network. for next Friday. these sores can bleed very badly if I dig too deep…and I am scared half to death right now. could these be staph infections? I just heard about those. I hope not. anybody have an encouraging word? I am putting Muciporin ointment on these. my family doctor wants me to see the Dermatologist so I am.

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there are little 1/10 cm long little white hard pieces imbedded in the tissue. I can pull them out with a needle nose tweezer. leaving a clean hole where they were and bringing relief to the pressure on nerve endings underneath. I am guessing that part. because there is a relief from pressure. one was ½ a cm long and looked like a quill as in…small bird feather shaft or tiny porcupine quill. i

is this something…other people have had? I am homebound with a disability so I do not see too many others. thank you.


I truly am very frightened today over this.


Hi @graydlett. I’m so sorry to hear about your scars. Here is a link to the Dermatology department at Mayo Clinic. You might find some of the information on the page helpful:


I had a laser type treatment years ago for scars and it took a lot away . it actually was a chemical that burned my face and was pretty hurtful but it cleared up my face. my son also had Accutane which is pretty scary stuff but his complexion cleared up with it .he had bad acne and scarring. there should be lots of stuff now for mine was like 30 yrs ago I had the treatment. hope you fine something for I know how you feel. now I have a facial pain that does not go away which is almost worse than than the acne!! seems always something. good luck with treatments


what is a good skin plumper? besides Retin A

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