Taken off heart medicine

Posted by fitchizumi @fitchizumi, Apr 1 9:40am

Sept.23 found out I have orthostatic blood pressure. Hit the refrigerator and floor. Hit my head, coccyx, shoulder came to on my floor. first time I ever got hurt from passing out at least 20 times over the years. 2x in my cardiologists office You start to feel woozy, balance off told to take salt with water to get the pressure OK. This time couldn’t get salt water fast enough down I went. Trauma hospital check everything. My cardiologist had me between 140 and 150 BP readings. I am on no blood pressure medicine! If my BP goes below 110 I take Midodrine 2.5MG. BP above 170 take 20 mg valsartan. Taking vestibular therapy, but can’t do it right now because they found out I have Trigeminal neuralgia. My balance is still off from September 23 concussion. (post concussion syndrome). So what do we do? I can’t have a procedure done for the TN because I have syringomyelia of the C spinal cord. Every eight hours I take 200 mg of gabapentin. I can’t handle any more than that. It makes me very very woozy and I don’t want to black out again? that’s where I stand right now.

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Hello @fitchizumi , you sure are having a tough, tough time! It's one thing after another! I hope all this settles down for you soon and you get back to your normal place in life.
You posted this the the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) group and mention you were taken off heart medication. Was this medication for HCM? Does HCM have anything to do with your symptoms? Or did the heart medication you were taking have anything to do with them?

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