tacrolimus induced RENAL toxicity

Posted by mmr1984 @mmr1984, Dec 14, 2020


How do you protect the kidney from tacrolimus toxicity and damage?


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I am post liver transplant three years. Life is good with no problems. I rake Tacrolimus. I was told by my transplant doctor that Tacrolimus is toxic to your kidneys. However, you need it yo prevent rejection. The mandatory scheduled lab tests are to check the serum blood levels of the rejection drugs. I happen to be on 5 pills a day which causes my kidney creatine to be elevated slightly above listed average levels on the lab tests. I was told that it is very common for liver transplant recipients to be in need of a kidney transplant in time. Possibly 20 years I think. But, the good news is we are all alive. Drink plenty of water to prevent a unneeded build up of the drug in your system. The build up is what increases the toxic nature of the drug. When my kidneys where weak just after my transplant. I was on cellcept, its easier on the kidneys. God Bless.


Drink plenty of water and try to stay as close to the bottom of the recommended blood serum count as is recommended on your lab test.

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