Swimming in chlorinated swimming pools

Posted by Jennifer @megan123, Jun 2, 2017

I have bronchioectasis amd MAC NTM MAI, diagnosed 6 months ago. I remember recently reading that
You shouldn't swim in chlorinated water. MAC in pool???? I know no hot tubs, showers warm waster not
Clean or polluted. Do I have it right?????

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Hi Jennifer,
There was some discussion about chlorine between @windwalker @heathert and @tessie here http://mayocl.in/2rzpJEz and here http://mayocl.in/2qV8QS1
Are you an avid swimmer, Jennifer? Are you wondering if you have to give up swimming?

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Yes, I will request one, and now that Monday 6-25 and today, 6-27, I've been sick, lethargic, cold, with a mild fever, and have no appetite, I will ask her if we should revisit the drugs. I'm one month in. This sucks!

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