Suggestions for door alarms?

Posted by immaggiemae @immaggiemae, Apr 27 1:11pm

My husband usually stays in the room where I am, but in the last week or two has started going outside and on one occasion, opening the gate. We have a home alarm that we can set to go off immediately if someone opens the doors to outside, but at night we keep the door to our bedroom closed. Actually, we have a folding screen in front of the door so we can get air circulation from the whole house fan which has a vent outside of the bedroom. Our bedroom is upstairs. I would like to find a motion activated door alarm to use on the folding screen or other doors in the house, one loud enough to wake me up (wouldn’t take much) in case he tries to leave the room when I’m sleeping. Does anyone have one that they could suggest? I’m looking for one that you have experience with and one that isn’t so sensitive that it has false alarms.

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I don't have experience with the alarms, but there are a lot of them on youtube. Just search for door alarm.


@immaggiemae You’ve asked a very good question. I’m sure many people would benefit by the suggestions that members may offer. Have you thought about calling a home security company and asking for their advice? You could also put locks on the outer doors so he can’t just walk out.
I’ll be anxious to hear what you learn.


Becky, we have locks and alarms on the outer doors but my worry is him going out and walking to the gate, letting the dogs out by the time I would hear the outer door alarm and get downstairs. It’s kind of a big house. It would be better if I could stop him upstairs at our bedroom door.


I highly recommend checking out:, search “Skil-Care Door Stop Strip Alarm”, Item #909217. It’s pricey, but well worth every cent- it has a banner (18”x50”) which you attach with Velcro across the doorway at mid-heighth. The banner is bright yellow and has a big red stop sign symbol in the middle. If the person goes through it or attempts to remove it, the alarm sounds, works with door open or closed, the alarm unit attaches with Velcro too, so no damage to the woodwork.
The combination of the bright visual cues, imbedded memory of what a stop sign means, and the alarm as a last ditch “stay away” really works.
I worked for many years in a SNF and these were used at the floor exit doors very successfully. When my mother had to go into assistive living, I had the home buy one for her door to keep out a gentleman with dementia who wanted to come in her room and get in her bed. It worked- in reverse!
A caution- if you Google the Skil-Care item, it will come up much cheaper, but you’ll have to buy the alarm unit separate, comes out to be more expensive.
Hope this helps😊

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