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Posted by @gmwood22 in Brain & Nervous System, Sep 12, 2011



Posted by @gmwood22, Sep 12, 2011

My wife has had a TIA and has been having a migraine ever since. They did a MRV and found that she has a smaller than normal vein on her left side. In 1999 she had a stroke and the only thing that we were told was she had a high level of homocysteine @ 28.6. Just recently she had 22 and the just did blood work but have not got the results back yet as they have to send it to Dallas. Any help on what might be causing the headache?


Posted by @windsor58, May 24, 2012

Ask her doctor about taking folic acid daily. Folic acid can lower high homocysteine levels, and in theory reduce the risk of clots/strokes, etc. I am not a doctor, so ask hers about taking folic acid. Just a suggestion.

Not sure about the TIA/migraine. Sorry. Hope she is better now.

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