Smoking cannabis post transplant

Posted by glopers @glopers, Dec 10, 2021

Does anyone know how immunosuppressed a person has to be before they can be declared safe to smoke?

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Hi @glopers and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect.
I'd like to invite @athenalee to the conversation as she did some research on CBD after her liver transplant.
What type of transplant did you have?


Thank you Amanda and hello @glopers, welcome to Connect.

If you are currently taking immunosuppressants you should definitely check with your doctors about consuming cannabis. Both THC and CBD interfere with the metabolism of many medications. Most drugs, including cannabis, are metabolized through the cytochrome P4503A (CYP3A4) pathway. Cannabis can cause your medications to increase or be lowered in your system, potentially doing great harm to your body. There are nearly 400 known drug interactions with cannabis.

I know as a transplant recipient, Calcineurin Inhibitors, including Tacrolimus and Cyclosporine, will be increased in my blood levels if I consume cannabis. This can lead to toxicity in my body and rejection of my new organ.

You can check to see if the medications you take are listed as interacting with cannabis on But, even if they are not, I’d still recommend you consult your doctors.
If you’re interested, I’ve also attached an article on the drug interaction process. I suffer from constant pain and other neuropathy symptoms which I know could be relieved by cannabis. But, it’s not worth risking my life.

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Cannabis canlivj (Cannabis-canlivj.2018-0023.pdf)


Hello, My name is Tommy. I'm hoping I'm not too late to talk about this. I'm just struggling with pain management. I was born with a rare kidney/liver disease (ARPKD, CHF) I've undergone 3 kidney transplants in my life and at the same time as the 3rd I got a new liver as well, as well as a combined total of 10 years on hemodialysis. after losing my 2nd transplant to Pnumonia I went back on dialysis and it ended up really worsening my bone diseases (Osteoporosis, osteopenia, osteomalacia) Which is where 95% of my pain comes from, I also have a ton of immflamation pain in my entire back. Prior to my 2nd transplant failing I was on zero pain meds and walking at least 5 miles a day. After losing it my mobility slowly declined as the pain got worse from my bones getting worse from dialysis. A couple of my fingers started to club and now I can barely walk far at all. Usually the most I can do is getting dropped off at the front enterance at a doctors office and walk to the reception and to the paitent room and back to the car will do me in for the rest of the day. I'm on a very high dose of Oxycodone (60mg /day), My GP sent me to Pain Management and PM initially wanted to start me on Medical Marijuana and to slowly taper down my Oxy dose until I can safely get off (Which I want 100% I hate being on Opiates) I live in Western NY but had my most recent double transplant out at Cleveland Clinic beccause they were one of the only hospitals that would take on a patient that already had 2 transplants and was in as bad of a shape as I was. PM called Cleveland and they told PM that Medical Marijuana and CBD aren't an option. So I literally have no idea what to do, the Opiates work but I hate being on them and I know they are damaging my new kidney/liver. I feel like I'm backed into a corner with no options. I hate the Opiates but w/o them I can barely move/walk/do every day things like shower. I've been a guitar player since I was 10 (33 now) and can't play w/o my maeds because the bone disease is so bad just making a fist cause a lot of pain. I guess I'm just reaching out to try to see if anyone has any kind of solution or answers or if a doctor reads this has any ideas. I am perfectly fine finding a new hospital if that's what it takes. Thank you and feel free to ask me any questions.

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