Sleep change

Posted by jfching @jfching, Oct 29, 2023

Since the pandemic, I have not been sleeping well. I have diabetes and had a mild stroke 2016. I was able to control blood pressure and blood sugar just this month.. The past month, after losing 15 lbs, I was able to sleep for 7- 8 hpurs daily and without the need to wake up and pee 5 times within my sleep duration. Though the situation looks positive, I feel very sleepy at 10pm, and wakes up 7am refreshed. Used to be, I get sleepy 12am and wakes up 630 this change in sleep pattern normal and my body recovering from years of anxiety due to covid?

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@jfching, I'm thinking that you are not the only one out there with sleep patterns that have changed for many different reasons. There is another related discussion that you might want to read through here:
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