Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

Posted by AntoniaZ @antoniaz, Apr 9, 2020

So I just found out that what I thought was just a (very) bad habit turns out to have a clinical name: Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

DSPS is essentially when you go to bed super late (or super early if you think 5 a.m. is a good time to get up) and sleep in embarrasingly late. Like 1 p.m. or even 2 p.m. I have always been an "owl" and not a "lark," even as a child, but now, with COVID-19, what's the rush in waking up?

It's just that, when I am now forcing myself to only drink decaf and setting the alarm at noon, I know something is seriously off kilter. I rarely get out in the daylight and am thinking maybe it's time to get another dog. (I live on the 9th floor now so that's not an easy thing to do.) Our condo gym and, more to the point, my beloved indoor pool are both closed. I have a mini-trampoline but that's not the same as a serious workout.

I sleep like a log BTW and, according to my fancy watch, have very regular sleep patterns throughout.

But seriously, breakfast oatmeal at 3 or 4 in the afternoon? Dinner at 10?

Bet I end up the latest poster on this site. Or are there others out there?

Hi @antoniaz, Welcome to Connect! I didn't even know they had a name for being a night owl. There was a time many moons ago where that was me but it was because I was working rotating shifts 4pm to Midnight for 6 months and then Midnight to 8am. It definitely messed with my sleep habits. I see that Mayo Clinic even shows some clinical trials on their Delayed sleep phase page here:

To be honest I've always chalked up different sleeping hours to personal situations and preferences. For the past 10 years or so I've been an early to bed early to rise person. Mostly because I've got some pets that demand to be fed on their schedule not mine :-). Breakfast oatmeal at 3 or 4 in the afternoon is something I consider a healthy snack. I found some Sous-Vide Oatmeal Bites with coconut milk, dried cranberries, and dried apricots at Costco awhile back and they are not too bad – easy bake in the toaster oven or microwave (not as good in the microwave). I also have sleep apnea and have to use a CPAP so that adds to my need to get regular sleep.

You might be one of the latest posters 🙂 — but you do have some competition out there, just not me. I'll bet @artscaping might know of a few of your competitors. So my thoughts are why do they call it Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome just because it's a norm for some people?…unless they don't want to sleep those hours. You mentioned that you sleep well. Are you trying to break the cycle and change?

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