Sing, sing a song!

Posted by thumperguy @thumperguy, Oct 28, 2021

Many years ago my work involved a 30-plus minute highway commute. One day it occurred to me that I knew the opening line, but little more, of lots and lots of songs. So I set about to use the commute time to memorize the lyrics to what eventually grew to around a hundred, chiefly old timey tunes from across the years; an undertaking I've never regretted.
It now occurs to me that "nebbing" time could be pressed into the same service. The "price" is right, the payoff likely rich. Google will furnish the lyrics for all your faves. What've ya got to lose. Give it a try! Don btw. since you'll be "smoking" the neb pipe, you'll need to limit your crooning to sub-vocal performances Who knows, the exercise might even enhance your brain power..

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@thumperguy, what a great idea, nice to make the neb go faster and learn at the same time! wonderful idea! Take care Heather

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