Sharing my experience with rescue medication for seizures

Posted by santosha @santosha, Apr 17, 2021

Hi Everyone,
I just want to share my experience with rescue medication, as I believe this could be of help to some of you.
I have refractory focal epilepsy and use rescue medication (nasal spray) based on medical cannabis (with high THC) since August 2020. This medication effectively interrupts my seizures with no side effects. It brings more security and comfort to me and my husband. Before using this medication, I could do very little when having a seizure. When I felt an aura, I called my husband and prayed for the seizure to be brief and mild. This gave us a lot of anxiety! Today, I and my husband can be more proactive when I have a seizure, bringing benefits not only from an emotional point of view but also reducing the risks of neurological damage. With this rescue medication, I feel more secure when leaving home, alone or accompanied. It is like a guardian angel to me that I always have nearby.
Unfortunately, based on my experience, rescue medications are underused here in Brazil. This medication was introduced to me after visiting 5 doctors! Through a vídeo conference organized through an association in the United States, I understood it is not much prescribed in the United States as well. A pitty! Why is that?

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Medical marijuana is growing in legality state to state and being used more and more. May I ask for clarity? The medical marijuana is used as a rescue medication. Would you tell me more about that?


Hi Erika, Good Morning
Sure, a pleasure. This spray med I use is made of medical marijuana with a high concentration of THC. It is produced in Brazil by an NGO called ABRACE. I have tried to send a link with a demonstration of this product, but unfortunately, this was not possible. If you are interested, search for "Beni utilizando o Spray Nasal (THC Abrace) produzido no Brasil" in You Tube. It is a spray that you apply directly in the nostrils. Very practical, easy to use and effective. For sure you have similar products in the United States. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask them. Kind regards

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