Severe side effects from Hydrochlorothiazide; Dr now Rxed Inadapamide?

Posted by selfadvocate @selfadvocate, Jul 21 1:07pm

I was recently hospitalized for 5 days with constant and increasing chest pressure/tightness, severe lightheadedness nearing fainting, shortness of breath, weakness especially w/exertion, confusion, general overall feeling of discomfort/illness, mild Hypokalemia
. My ECG showed Right Bundle Block, T wave abnormality, and T wave inversion now evident in Anterior leads.

I was subjected to many, many tests: stress test, CT Scan, MRI, Carotid Dopler, blood tests and they found nothing wrong.

I was discharged and sent back to the Cardiologist who said (while I was in the hospital) that there was nothing wrong with my heart. They now prescribed a heart cath on both sides, assumedly to CTA in any case.

My wife discovered the possible serious side effects of taking Hydrochlorothiazide, which I had started 7 days prior to hospitalization. I was experiencing EVERY single one of them.

I stopped the Hydrochlorothiazide and everything resolved itself within 5 days. My blood pressure has since started to rise.

The doctor who put me on Hydrochlorthiazide insists that my previous symptoms were not from the Rx, but more likely heart related and wanted me to get a heart cath. I denied to do so.

She now wants to put me on Indapamide, along with the Lisinopril and Amlodopine that I have been on for years. I suggested Lasix, which is a Loop Diuretic. She insists on Indapamide.

Indapamide is in the same class of drugs as HydroChlorothiazide, which are Thiazide Diuretics.

My question is should I start taking this Indapamide as it, also, is a Thiazide Diuretic? Should I consult with another Cardiologist first?

I do not want to re-experience the serious side effects that I went through recently.

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@selfadvocate, it looks like you need the advice of a medical professional. Have you considered getting a second opinion?


I am considering consulting with my new cardiologist to see what he thinks.

The problem is with my PCP, who is new to me. She recently took over for my 30 year PCP who knew me well. It is a concierge practice. He was an MD and knew his stuff. She is a DO, and tells me every time I see her how good she is.

Yet, it took my wife to figure out it was the Hydrochlorothiazide that this new PCP had put me on 7 days earlier that was causing me problems. This new doctor, to this day, says it was not the medication she Rxed, but that it is my heart!

Now she wants to put me on another Thiazide Diuretic and I don't know what to do. My blood pressure continues to escalate.

I have received two responses to my post. Both of you have said to get second opinions. I am now leaning on calling my new cardiologist, who I have never seen, and see what he says. I hope he will give me an opinion without having yet seen him. My first appointment with him is not until the middle of October.

Thanks for listening and for your advice. I really appreciate it!

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