Septal myectomy or Defibrillator

Posted by lopezland @lopezland, Aug 1, 2021

Why would a dr suggest a diffibrillator instead of a septal myectomy on a 15 year old teen boy? My sons heart muscle has reached the adult size of 37mm which qualifies him for a diffibrillator, but why would the myectomy not be a first choice? He has no symptoms.

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@lopezland, I am guessing there are so many factors that play into identifying which procedure is better suited for your son. Here is some information on the different treatment options that may provide some more insight,.

– Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Diagnosis & Treatment:
Did you get a chance, or could you still, request your doctor answer this for you in context of your son's specific condition and circumstances?


My guess would be (and I am someone who had a cardiac arrest in 2014 due to HCM and had an ICD implanted and then had a septal myectomy in 2016) is that his septum (heart wall separating the ventricles (chambers), may not be obstructing blood flow or be thick enough to warrant a septal myectomy. HCM has two big diagnoses. HCM and HCM with obstruction. Obstruction is where the septum thickens to the extent it disrupts the outflow of blood from the heart. One of the biggest threats to a young HCM sufferer is abnormal rhythm (VF) and an ICD (internal cardio defibrillator) is an absolute lifesaver to have. Absolutely do your own research. And of course, discuss with your Cardiologist. Having an ICD implanted is a lot less invasive than the septal myectomy as well.


Because HCM is the leading cause of Sudden Cardiac Death in patients under 30. The ICD Will prevent that from occurring.

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