Donor: Sensitive skin after abdominal surgery: How long will it last?

Posted by kmprisant @kmprisant, Jul 5, 2022

Six weeks ago I donated a kidney. I have a two inch incision right below my belly button and 3 additional incisions on the left side of my belly. The skin is still extremely sensitive to clothing, linens etc. Sometimes the sensitivity is like touching a bad sunburn. I have used ice packs since the day after surgery. How long will the sensitivity last? What is the cause?

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@kmprisant, thank you for donating your kidney. I'm tagging fellow donors like @mauraacro @danhoe @tasher3433 @sameeh123 @icohen525 and @lwilkey to add their thoughts about your question.

Kmprisant, have you talked to your donor/transpant team about the skin sensitivity you're experiencing? Do you have any other unexpected recovery issues?


Oh, geez. My husband is the recipient, my daughter, the donor. The only comments I heard re sensitive skin is that nerve endings were cut, and may take 3-6 months to calm down. I’m thinking of you. Hold steady.


I'm in same situation, after 2 x abdominal aorta aneurysm, 2 evar endovascular surgery, and finally to increase blood flow to feet, Axillofemoral bypass (which I very strongly warn against).
My skin burning even nothing touch it, wear jeans pants impossible. Put on socks and shoes very painful.
Doctors in 2 private hospital gave me
* Pletaal 100 mg. Should easy pain when walking and also touch pain. After 2 months no improvement. All different pain remains.
Doctors give morphine MST 30mg for stomach pain, but neither this or tramadol 100 mg help.
8 months since first AAA surgery, and 3 months since the last, no improvement.
I very softly touch massage my thighs feet, but this is said to be a long term possible improvement.
Still sleepless nights, wake up each time one foot touch the other. So hypersensitive one can be after multiple surgeries, and maybe the culprit in my case:
Axillofemoral bypass.
'Multiple nerve damages', maybe forever, says both doctors, of which one is a professor surgeon.
I will continue my soft massage as much I can.
Maybe in a few years there will be less sensitivity.
I don't have trust or faith in the medical professionals anymore.

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