Seizures, strokes and heart disease

Posted by tonyde @tonyde, May 13 10:58am

Has anyone had heart disease caused by seizures. I have grand mal seizures that started 20 years ago. It tooks several years to bring under control, then suddenly started again in 2020 and went on for about one years until I dramtically increased my meds.

I know grand mal seizures can cause critically high blood pressure and mine went above 250/100 causing several strokes, fortunately no significant, permanant damage.

Has anyone had heart or vascular disease caused by seizures. I've been on a heart healthy diet 40 years by choice, there were had no sign of artery blockage before my seizures came back. I needed a stent to clear a blockage in my "widow maker" artery four months after they returned. I had a minor heart attack in December 2022.

Is there a relation between seizures and heart or artery disease?

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