Salty Facts – Heart Failure and Sodium

Dietary sodium restriction is one of the most common self-care behaviors suggested to patients with heart failure. Although putting less salt on foods is a step in the right direction, it isn’t enough. There is so much hidden salt in foods that people aren't aware of – more than 75 percent of sodium Americans consume is estimated to come from processed foods – not the salt shaker. In this video, Mayo Clinic cardiologist, Dr. Farris Timimi discusses ways patients with heart failure can more effectively control their sodium intake.

How do you monitor how much sodium you're consuming? Reducing your salt-intake can feel like a balancing act – what challenges do you face while trying to regulate sodium?

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In Os that's what farm salmon is red food coloring in it I use wild caught from Alaska

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My take away from the DataNutition website was salmon is salmon no matter how it is raised. The nutritionist supported that idea. I eat at a Chinese buffet that has wonderful salmon. It is moist and very tender. I imagine it is steamed if that is a cooking method.

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@bob270 Well Bob if you don't mind the red food dye in your salmon go for it but I prefer no dye in my salmon my son is allergic to all dyes red is worst so that's my story about salmon ,sticking to it


@plaid I have read that farmed salmon (east coast) does not have nearly the healthy advantages that wild salmon does. Personally, I think the taste of the two is so different it's like a totally different fish. From everything I have read, I will not eat farmed salmon. I have never seen east coast wild salmon in any store! I'm sure it must be a thing, but maybe it's not common.

Perhaps what I read was not up to date, but why take chances? Of course the color is achieved artificially also, unless that is not true. I have read both of those things in enough places though that I am inclined to believe them.

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@contentandwell, @bob270, @plaid- Living in the Pacific NW I have always believed that eating Wild salmon from the rivers & ocean here was the only way to go and I have read some negative reports about Farm raised salmon. Not sure you have ant Costco's near where you live, but recently I had noticed they they sold farmed salmon and in their magazine there was a great article recently on the company they purchased the farm raised salmon through and that really changed my mind at least about their product. You might try looking into it, I was very impressed! Jim @thankful


I have lived in the PacNW (Spokane, Yakima and Renton) and know some of what you speak. A drought condition on the mighty Columbia occurred in 1977 or so. The water rights table from 200 years ago lists an Indian tribe near Portland as first served. They have a salmon business and require a certain minimum flow to guarantee spawning. The hop farmers around Yakima had trouble. Brewmeisters from around the world met in Yakima (60,000 at the time).

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