Roux-en-Y surgery complications

Posted by bborth @bborth, Aug 5, 2019

Well, after dealing with bile reflux on and off for 5 years my GI has recommended this surgery for me. I will be having this done at the U of M after have been treated by Dr. Martin Freeman there for the past few years, and many ERCP procedures. The surgeon claims I am a good candidate for this being in good health otherwise and relatively young (56). A bit scared of course given the nature of this type of surgery, but staying as-is can't be a long term plan for me. The surgeon agreed, and was concerned that the bile is now getting up in the esophagus/throat which can pose more serious issues down the road if not abated. I guess if anyone has advice on recovery, or hints on moving forward in life post roux en y surgery I would appreciate it.

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Similar symptoms for three years here. Hoping you’ve found answers and feeling better.
Wondering if I have motility issues/gut yeast overgrowth with frequent constipation, dry yellow tongue, dry breaking hair and nails, post prandial nausea and sweating and need to lie flat, early satiety, joint (?mineral?) deposits….
Seeing variety of Mayo specialists in Rochester.

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Interesting to see this reply come in. I was in the hospital for a couple days 2 weeks ago due to an infection of the liver that was caused by a newly found stricture/scar tissue in one of the ducts leading into the liver. An abcess had started to form, so I went on some antibiotics pronto, and had an ERCP to clean out some "sludge". Fever is gone, but I am feeling really backed up and sore in that same small area where the stricture was found (via MRI). The MRI was ordered after bloodwork showed higher liver enzymes and sign of an infection with a high while cell count. Came on all of a sudden after a good spell of normal health/digestion. Can these strictures suddenly develop after a surgery like this? Getting some anxiety of course to think of going through another surgery to fix this after feeling like the worst was behind me. Really appreciate any insights here!

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