Reoccurring Constipation after Sex

Posted by ellie2367 @ellie2367, Sep 30, 2016

I am 22 and have been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend for about a month now however, I do take my birth control (Lo Loestrin Fe) perfectly. I have been experiencing regular constipation, gassiness, abdominal cramps and a heavy sensation above my rectum for about a month now and often times it is most severe soon after having sex. I don’t think that pregnancy is likely but I also have not had a period in over a year due to my birth control, so I wouldn’t know if I’ve had a missed period. What could be causing this and should I be concerned? I have been reading around and have seen people mention the possibility of endometriosis (my mother has had a history of endometriosis) or the possibility of a tipped uterus. I have an appointment with my obgyn in about a month and a half and my insurance won’t cover an earlier visit. Would it be ill-advised to wait this long to see a health professional?

@ellie2367 Welcome to Mayo Connect! I’m sorry to hear of your problem with constipation. Might I suggest that you give your doctor’s office a call and explain the problem to them? Sometimes insurance companies will only cover yearly exams with a GYN however, it you are having a specific health problem they might treat an office visit differently. You might want to check with your doctor’s office about your symptoms and explain the insurance problem and see what they suggest. Please, please take care of yourself.

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